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Email from a country in denial

Av Mark Weiner | 30 juni 2019
Eventuella åsikter och slutsatser i texten är skribentens egna.
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I korthet
From: Mark S. Weiner

Sent: June 6, 2019

To: A young Swedish-American

Subject: Should you study in America?


Dear O,

The last time we met, you asked whether I think you should attend college in the United States, the country of your father, or Sweden, the country of your mother, and how I view higher education in Sweden after spending the past ten months as a visiting professor in Uppsala. I am happy to share my thoughts, but you should take what I write with a hefty dash of North Sea salt. I don’t pretend to be an expert in anything Swedish, past or present. I am an outsider, a specialist in American constitutional law, I don’t speak the language (whose rules of pronunciation obviously were crafted by demons), and I still haven’t traveled to Norrland, the fabled north—so what insight into Sweden can I really claim? Still, people here give Americans a generous amount of leeway to rummage about the national house and open the china cabinets, like some cheery but oddly intrusive dinner guest. I’ve definitely been that guest (“this china pattern is gorgeous, but don’t a few of your plates have hairline cracks?”), and I hope it’s given

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