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Email from a country in denial

Av Mark Weiner | 30 juni 2019
Eventuella åsikter och slutsatser i texten är skribentens egna.
Stöd KvartalLästid 19 minSkärmläsarvänlig
I korthet
From: Mark S. Weiner

Sent: June 6, 2019

To: A young Swedish-American

Subject: Should you study in America?


Dear O,

The last time we met, you asked whether I think you should attend college in the United States, the country of your father, or Sweden, the country of your mother, and how I view higher education in Sweden after spending the past ten months as a visiting professor in Uppsala. I am happy to share my thoughts, but you should take what I write with a hefty dash of North Sea salt. I don’t pretend to be an expert in anything Swedish, past or present. I am an outsider, a specialist in American constitutional law, I don’t speak the language (whose rules of pronunciation obviously were crafted by demons), and I still haven’t traveled to Norrland, the fabled

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